All about Us @ Infinate Blu

Infinate Blu is an end to end IPTV Solution company, with products that give the service provider everything from channel creation and content management, through to a stable and robust IP Set Top Box and mobile for delivering a reliable service to consumers.

The Infinate Blu solution is totally flexible and adaptable. The service provider can choose one or all of our products and services, as they are based on well-known open standard that places the choice in the hands of our customers.

Infinate Blu provides support and customisation services, from the Set Top Box's physical appearance and printed logo's to the graphical user experience that the consumer interfaces with on their TV.

In addition to the traditional Middleware and Set Top Box service delivery platform, Infinate Blu also offers a solution for delivering the service via apps to both Apple and Android mobile and tablet solutions, as well as to PC's and Smart TV's.

At the other end of the platform, Infinate Blu also offers the ability via the Cre8 system for content producers and owners to create and publish their own IPTV channels via the internet. This is an excellent solution for niche content owners to reach a much larger audience and maximise the return on the investment required to produce the content.

Infinate Blu also offers an advertising engine for service providers to add extra revenue channels to the standard service, through video ad insertion and EPG static picture advertising.

Infinate Blu was founded in Hong Kong between the merger of Telergy Hong Kong Limited, an IPTV OTT Set Top Box Company, based in Hong Kong and China, and Eight Zero Digital Limited, an IPTV Middleware company based in the UK.

The merger between Eight Zero Digital and Telergy Hong Kong provides Infinate Blu with both proven end to end IPTV technology and additional offices and resources covering the Asian Pacific, European and Middle East regions.